Internet safety issues and cyberbullying are on the increase in schools. As a result, we endeavour to empower our students to make the rights choices and be responsible in this area in order to keep themselves and others safe. We also think that it is increasingly important to inform parents of the best ways to monitor the internet and mobile phone use so that they can help educate and guide their children regarding these issues.
Here are several links to websites that you may find useful that you can use to educate and monitor your child regarding internet safety and cyberbullying.

Think you know contains lots of useful information for children of all ages, parents and carers regarding E-safety.

Safer internet provides guidance and practical advice regarding cyberbullying and other E-safety issues.

As with the other sites it gives practical advice and guidance to help you support your child.

In the review section of this website parents can check on the suitability and appropriateness of applications that can be used on phones.