The trust board is the decision-making body of the academy trust and is accountable and responsible for all the schools equally in the academy trust. The academy trust will also be the employer of any central staff and those within its academies.

Academy Trustees are the people who make up the trust board, in some academy trusts they may be referred to as directors. Academy Trustees are both the charity trustees and company directors of the academy trust. The ‘competency framework for governance’ outlines the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed by trust boards for effective governance’.

The trust board must operate and make decisions to further the academy trust’s charitable object, which in the majority of trusts is ‘to advance for the public benefit education in the United Kingdom’.  The Academy Trustees are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the academy trust. They have statutory duties to exercise care, skill and diligence and avoid conflicts of interest. As the strategic leader of the academy trust, it is vital that the trust board is connected with, and engages, the communities and stakeholders it serves. In the interests of transparency, the trust board must publish on its website up-to-date details of the overall governance arrangements it has put in place.

The role of the Academy Trustee is a voluntary one. As academy trusts have charitable status, payments to Academy Trustees are by exception only and subject to very specific legal restrictions.  Trust boards should also have regard to the need for the Executive Leader and teachers in their academy(ies) to be able to achieve a satisfactory work life balance, and, through their strategic role, should provide support and challenge to help reduce unnecessary burdens, for example, in relation to the number of data requests that are made.

Our Trustees

Deborah Andrews
Deborah AndrewsChair of Trustees of the Bordesley Multi-Academy Trust appointed by the Members of the board and Trust Local Governor of Trinity High School.
Bryan Allbut
Bryan AllbutTrustee appointed by the Members of the Board
I am a retired teacher having held several senior posts before retirement and then worked, briefly, as a National Strategy Consultant and for one of the headteacher professional associations. I am the current Chair of Worcester Diocese Board of Education and Worcester Diocese Academies Trust. I am also a Director of another Trust and have been a member of the governing board of Holyoakes Field First School for many years. I am a member of a local choir and golf club and a volunteer with the National Trust.
Barry Newton
Barry NewtonTrustee appointed by the Members of the Board
Barry Prever JP
Barry Prever JPTrustee of the Bordesley Multi-Academy Trust appointed by the Members of the board and Trust Local Governor of Trinity High School.
My background is firmly rooted in education. My main career was as a teacher in a variety Birmingham schools for 38 years. When I retired from teaching in 2009, I was the Associate Headteacher of a large, successful secondary school in South Birmingham.

On my retirement from teaching, I trained to be a JP and sat as a Presiding Magistrate in the Birmingham Adult Criminal Courts and also as a Presiding Justice in the Birmingham Family Courts for 11 years. This was both challenging and interesting work.

Recently, I trained to be an adviser with Citizens Advice and I currently work as a volunteer on the Citizens’ Advice Telephone Adviceline. This is exciting and interesting work because, when that phone rings, you have no idea what manner of query you are going to be asked to provide guidance on.

I have been on the Governing Body of Redditch schools for over 22 years. I became a Parent Governor at Bridley Moor High School when my daughter joined in Year 9. She subsequently joined Trinity’s Sixth Form following the Redditch reorganisation and at that time I opted to join the Governing Body of Trinity High School as a Local Authority Governor and Deputy Chairman. In 2009 I became Chair of Governors at the school, a position I held for almost 10 years. I stood down as chair and moved to the ‘back benches’ in 2019, maintaining my connection with Trinity. Although I am comfortable with all aspects of school governance I have a special interest in safeguarding and the curriculum and I continue to be a member of the Finance, Site and Building Committee as well as the Curriculum Committee. I am the link governor for safeguarding and ‘looked after children’. I also became a Trustee of the Bordesley Multi-Academy Trust when it was established in 2019 and a member of the BMAT Finance Committee.

Ann Rickard
Ann RickardVice Chair of Trustees of the Bordesley Multi-Academy Trust appointed by the Members of the board and Trust Local Governor (Chair) of Trinity High School.
I have lived in Redditch for 42 years and feel very much part of the community . Both my children enjoyed their Education at Trinity High School and my husband taught there for over 35 years.

I became a Governor at Trinity when I retired in 2017. Previously to that I was Assistant Headteacher at South Bromsgrove High School . In that role I had oversight of Special Educational Needs and a number of Faculty and Pastoral areas. I was also very involved with the House system and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, which was very rewarding.

For many years I was Director of Initial Teacher Training and worked with Universities and other local schools in this capacity. Working with those joining the Teaching Profession was something I valued very much .

I feel that my experience in Education and local knowledge will help me support Bordesley Multi Academy Trust moving forward.

Michael Smith
Michael SmithTrustee of the Bordesley Multi-Academy Trust appointed by the Members of the board and Trust Local Governor of Trinity High School.
Simon Hyde
Simon HydeTrustee of the Bordesley Multi-Academy Trust appointed by the Members of the board.
Currently Chief Executive Officer of a sales and service organisation in the environmental sector with sales of £36M; I am an enthusiastic and energetic individual with a passion for the development of people. Coming from on apprenticeship background myself, I am keen about working with apprentices in the local community. I have also provided business improvement consultancy in leadership, motivation, team leader development, team building programs. As well as being a qualified production and industrial engineer; one of my biggest strengths is change management with an international background in sales, service, finance, manufacturing and man management. I am a board member of Kidderminster College and Chairman of the Skills and Employment Board for North Worcestershire.
Mark Ridings
Mark RidingsTrustee of the Bordesley Multi-Academy Trust appointed by the Members of the board.
I have been in the packaging industry for 50 years, I started as an apprentice die-maker in Bury, Lancashire at the age of sixteen. I had fantastic training and worked with an exceptionally talented team, this allowed me to move on and develop both as a person and in my career.

I arrived at Lasercomb, Redditch in 1984 and have never looked back.

My career has taken me from Bury to Essex, Redditch, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, and Chicago.

I started on the tools in 1972, moved into Sales in 1986 and then into Management in 1988, I became a Director of Lasercomb in 1993, becoming Managing Director in 1998.

I led a MBO from our parent company in 2006 which allowed us to take the business in to different markets and explore new opportunities. With this diversification we started to export to Europe and the USA.

With new relationships forged we decided to open a new facility in Chicago with a JV partner, we produced and sold our first sets of tooling on US soil in October 2014 and have never looked back.

Innovation and development of our staff is key to Lasercomb staying at the forefront of our industry, we hope by forging closer links with schools and colleges we can demonstrate to the students the varied number of career opportunities that are available within the manufacturing sector.

I have been incredibly lucky in my career and personal life, as I have had various Mentors along the way who have helped and guided me, I enjoy working with and supporting our team at Lasercomb as well as the students I already Mentor.

Adrian Ward
Adrian WardChief Executive and Accounting Officer appointed by Members of the Board